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Contributing to Astro Docs

We welcome contributions of any size and contributors of any skill level. As an open-source project, we believe in giving back to our contributors. We are happy to help with guidance on PRs, technical writing, and turning any feature idea into a reality.

On this site, you will find several guides and resources for contributing to Astro’s documentation.

Other Astro project repositories

There are lots of ways to contribute to the Astro Project! Every Astro repository has a README with a link to a file in the root of the project.

Visit Astro’s GitHub profile to find the repositories for:

  • The main Astro codebase, including official integrations and starter templates.

  • The Astro compiler, written in Go, distributed as WASM.

  • Astro’s language tools, the editor tooling required for the Astro language (.astro files).

  • Starlight, Astro’s official documentation framework.

  • The Astro Roadmap where the future of Astro is shaped! Ideas, suggestions, and formal RFC proposals for the Astro project.

… and of course, Astro Docs, an entire Astro website! Contribute not just written content, but also Astro code addressing a11y, CSS, UI, and UX concerns. We also make our documentation available in several languages, so we need help translating the entire site.

Types of contributions

In addition to contributing your own code or content, you can also make a huge contribution by getting involved by leaving review comments on PRs, adding ideas in existing GitHub Issues and Discussions, and participating in our “Pinned” issue maintenance tasks!

Every PR, especially translation PRs, needs reviewers! Reviewing PRs and leaving comments, suggestions, or an approving “LGTM!” (“Looks Good To Me!”) is a great way to get started in any repository, and to learn more about Astro.

We also have a very active Discord community! We value the contributions of those who welcome new members, answer support questions, and share what they have built with and for Astro! Beyond traditional GitHub contributions, Astro recognizes and supports community members who engage with our community, share Astro in blog posts, videos and conference talks, and help maintain the health of our community.