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Good First Contributions

There are lots of ways to contribute to the Astro Docs website!

The Astro Docs website is … an Astro website! Maintaining it requires not only written content but also maintaining Astro code and addressing a11y, CSS, UI, and UX concerns. We also make our documentation available in several languages, so we need help translating the entire site.

We do need and want your help! But, it is important to consider the needs of the project when contributing. Some contributions are difficult to make if you’re unfamiliar with our project. Some contributions are needed more than others, and so even if your contribution may be a good one, we may not have time to review it when other tasks are more urgent.

Types of Contributions

There are many ways to contribute and be helpful to Astro Docs, and they mostly fall into one of these categories:

  • contributing a change to the Astro Docs website by creating a pull request (PR)
  • filing an issue to let us know of something wrong or missing
  • participating in discussions by leaving comments on existing issues or pull requests

Pull Requests (PRs)

We encourage you to make a PR directly for:

  • very obvious documentation fixes like typos or broken links
  • instructions that didn’t work for which you discovered the correct version
  • adding community resources and links to our “More Recipes” page or our various third-party guides
  • adding content to a “stub” page, or creating a new stub page for a new CMS, Deploy, or Backend Service guide
  • translating existing content into one of our supported languages

These types of contributions are helpful because they either fix inaccurate content or add more of our existing, established content. These are good first contributions because they generally do not require any decisions about whether the contribution is appropriate, or how it will fit in with existing docs.

You can also look at our existing issues (especially those labelled help wanted and good first issue) for contributions we are actively seeking. You do not need to ask permission to work on an issue, and we do not monitor who is working on an issue. Please just make a PR directly if you would like to contribute a solution to the issue.

However, pull requests are the most challenging contributions to make. There is a process to follow and you will need to understand how to make changes to our documentation site code, even to fix a typo. You may wish to start with one of the other types of contributions if you are just getting started in open-source contributions or learning about Astro docs.

Other ways to contribute

You can also make a huge contribution by getting involved and leaving review comments on PRs, adding ideas in existing GitHub Issues and participating in our “Pinned” issue maintenance tasks!

Every PR, especially translation PRs, needs reviewers! Reviewing PRs and leaving comments, suggestions, or an approving “LGTM!” (“Looks Good To Me!”) is a great way to get started on Team Docs, and to learn more about Astro.

New Issues

You can file an issue to let us know of outdated, confusing, or incorrect documentation without attempting to fix anything. You can also let us know of any problems you encounter on the site itself.